With Blink and Zendesk, it only takes hours to get up and running! Make support and customer engagement convenient and intelligent for businesses of all sizes. Our solution is quick to implement, easy to use, and scales to fit your needs.

How Zendesk customers gain value with ticketing and real-time support?

Providing instant and contextual help

86% of consumers welcome proactive assistance when they encounter problems, and live chat enables support teams to provide help before someone needs to ask for it — all while providing instant and contextual help by putting chat on specific pages.

Increase your team's productivity

Having one unified platform creates better experiences for agents and increases their overall productivity. Beyond that, having one unified system also has benefits for admins by providing them end-to-end reporting so they can get a comprehensive view of what channels are doing great for them.

Versatility for the long run

Live chat is versatile—it helps with support but can also help increase conversions and sales through your website. Not only that,live chat has the highest satisfaction rate amongst all customer service channels. 92% of all chat support interactions result in a satisfied customer, which is why offering chat is so often coveted by successful customer service departments.

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Something for everyone! Meet our Support Suite:

The customer journey differs for everybody. No matter your business needs, our products are flexible enough to pave the path that’s best for your organization.


Integrated Customer Support: Zendesk Support is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets

  • Lead customers to happiness
    Give customers what they want – quick and easy resolutions to their issues. Zendesk Support helps you provide personalized support when and where they need it, so customers stay happy.
  • Support your support
    Productive agents are happy agents. Give them all the support tools and information they need to best serve your customers.
  • Grow without growing pains
    Zendesk Support lets you customize your support and configure any workflow. Our software is powerful enough to handle the most complex business, yet flexible enough to scale with you as you grow.


Knowledge base and smart self-service: A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents

  • First, the help center
    A well-stocked knowledge base is the cornerstone of self-service. Start by configuring a responsive, branded help center — then customize it to suit your needs.
  • Knowledge at every turn
    Self-service is fastest and most relevant when customers get help in the middle of what they’re already doing. That’s why Guide allows you to write in one place and distribute to all your channels at once.
  • Power up the team
    Getting your help center set up can be a serious investment of time and energy. That’s why Guide includes tools that help your team lend a hand.


Live chat and messaging: Strike up a conversation! Reach your customers instantly via web, mobile, and messaging

  • This is their moment
    Anticipate customer questions and offer help when—and where—they need it most with chat support.
  • Raise your sales
    Customers are 3X more likely to make a purchase when you reach out with a chat.
  • Less wait, more happy
    Chat and messaging let agents help more customers in less time, which means happier customers more of the time.

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