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  • 1000+

    Global Enterprise Customers
  • 2B+

    Platform Conversations Quarterly
  • 135+

    languages Supported
  • 60%

    automation in 30 days is an Enterprise-grade Conversational AI platform that unlocks business potential at scale.

The platform is powered by Dynamic AI agents that enables enterprises to offer enriching, delightful and personalised interactions with their customers and employees across their preferred choice of channel, language and time.


AI + Human platform for enterprises to deliver real-time, on-demand & unified Customer + Employee Experience Automation.

Our solutions cover the Entire spectrum of CX ( across Customer Support, Conversational Commerce and Customer Engagement) and from EX ( HR and ITSM Automation).

  • Customer Support

    Self serve in real time: Cater to customers anytime, anywhere. Multilingual and Omnichannel: 135+ languages across channels - Whatsapp, Website, Facebook Messenger, IVR. Human + AI Agent Assist: Instant transfer to live agents to respond to complex or critical queries.

  • Commerce & Sales

    Smart Lead Generation: Generate more leads by targeting the right customers. Personalized Shopping Assistance: Interactive conversations with live agents via chat/video to get personalized recommendations to match customer’s needs. Drive Business Outcomes: Proactive personalised communications on offers based on past customer interactions to drive business.

  • Customer Engagement

    Order Management: Enable customers to track order related status easily. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell: Increase revenue though personalised product recommendations Sales Channel Automation: Automate various functions of the sales channel like order processing & tracking, customer management etc.

  • HR

    New Hire Onboarding: Automation and streamlining of the onboarding process. Employee Relations: Enable employees with self-serve queries, ranging from leave management, payroll info, HR policies etc. Voice of Employees: Collect actionable insights from employees to understand the pulse of the organization, enhancing ESAT.

  • ITSM

    Intelligent Incident Management: Create and update incidents from anywhere, anytime.FAQ/Knowledge Management: Answer FAQs and other IT queries instantly. Critical alerts and monitoring: Timely Monitoring & Alerting employees about downtime, system errors etc.

Scale for the future - conversations, platforms and people. is THE ONE AND ONLY CONVERSATIONAL AI PLATFORM THAT CAN TRULY SCALE. There is no other competitor that can claim scale in terms of the breadth of customer deployments (1000+) and the number of conversations (2B/Qtr) across text/voice as well as 135+ languages.

  • 40%

    Increase CSAT

  • 70%

    Reduction in operational costs

  • 40%

    Increase ESAT

  • 80%

    Queries self-served

Yellow Ai. Platform Key differentiators

  • Sophisticated NLP that drives adaptive interactions

    Our world-leading NLP gives everyone the power to go-live with multilingual, real-time text and voice conversational agents in 10 days! All of this with no-developer and no-data scientist dependency.

  • CX Analytics

    Get deeper insights into what your users are doing on the bot and why in real time. Track and analyse key metrics to understand user intent better, improve chat experience and increase goal completion. Our conversational AI helps you to, figuratively, talk to each customer, and it’s all automated. The analytics, hence collected, are precise, validated and extremely relevant to 'your' audience.

  • Self-serve in real time

    End-to-end fulfilment of workflows goes far beyond simply relaying the information back to the customers; they can actually take real-time actions such as making a purchase or rescheduling a cab or returning an item. These can be done by the customer in a self-serve manner digitally or by interacting with a human agent who is empowered with all the context and knowledge in real time.

  • No-code Platform

    Build a bot quickly without no-code input without developer dependence. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop. Make exciting conversational bots with unique UI features, within 10 clicks. No need to go about creating and recreating templates, each time, for your bot’s workflow. Leverage our pre-build marketplace templates, integrations and nodes to process your bot in just 5 minutes.

  • Proactive Plug & Play Integrations with Industry Leading Platforms's integrations ecosystem has over 100 pre-built integrations, which enables your brand to seamlessly integrate your existing systems and tools to provide a unified customer experience. Provide a seamless, multi-channel experience for your customers with smooth integrations across social channels. Engage, nurture and delight your customers wherever they are.

  • Agent-assist Inbox

    An AI powered, automation first unified inbox for agents to provide enhanced customer support across chat, email, and voice. Raise your CSAT scores by never letting a single conversation go unnoticed with omnichannel live support across channels.