Turn Your Customer Data to Intelligent Data: What Sets Us Apart?

Blink produces the most agile mobile technology platform for Customer Experience Management powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more that learns and interacts with your customers so you know what works and when to improve the experience.

Making it Easy for Businesses to Optimize:

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Build Brand Awareness and Equity

  • Customer Retention/Loyalty

  • Personalize Every Key Moment Along the Customer Journey

  • Increase Share of Wallet

  • Incorporate Customer Feedback into Every Decision.

Meet Our Technology Platforms

Personalization AI

Is the artificial simulation of complex human intelligence processes by machines.

Conversational AI

Is the making of computer conversing with us like a human being.

Computer Vision

Reinvents the capability of an eye and brain in a form of a computer software .

Sentiment Analysis

Is a software that understands emotions, this is used by companies.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is sending promotional campaigns, transactional messages.


Beacons use proximity technology to detect human presence nearby and trigger.