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Supply Chain and The Rise of Impatient Customers

June 21, 2019

by Blink Digital

Whenever we talk about the maturity of great customer experience in the supply chain industry, we can only think of one major statement to describe it. Customers are becoming impatient. One study conducted by DHL states that their customers are willing to pay more to receive their orders faster and this applies to the end consumer or B2B buyer. Major product, service, and delivery companies are working very hard to measure and to improve upon the factors that influence Customer Satisfaction. They know that positive experiences and satisfied customers will have the behaviors they want: more likely to continue to purchase or renew, more likely to continue to purchase, and more likely to share positive references to their peers.

There are even arguments online that small logistics companies are gaining great market support due to their capability to hyper-personalize their services and know their individual customers. What this means is they know when to offer a specific service, given the right place and time. They also have more capability to be agile and learn about the customer experience associated with each return.

Establishing the right processes that suit all the roles isn’t an easy objective. You have to listen carefully to your customers and truly understand their expectations based on their previous interactions and transactions with your business from different platforms. Since most customers tend to be working on specific projects, this can be challenging. So gaining the power to understand the patterns of your customers’ activities and future demand is vital in this process to gain great insights. If done successfully, you can understand the different customer satisfaction points and keep them as partners and save on cost.

Expectations are outstripping logistics and supply chain realities. Now is the time to fuse CX leadership into your current leading supply chain performance. Talk to us! Blink is a customer experience company and we want to help you innovate your current customer journey by mapping it, streamline it using intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, beacons, and more. Most importantly, generate a personalized experience for each of your individual customers which will increase your mindshare and produce loyal and active customers and brand ambassadors who will share their great experiences about your business.

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