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PLDT Global: Gives voice to its customers to provide the best possible brand experience

August 27, 2021

by Blink Digital

PLDT Global + Qualtrics + Blink Digital

PLDT Global Corporation (PGC) is a technology services company that provides high-quality communication infrastructure and innovative platforms to its global network of carriers, enterprise customers, and distribution partners, helping them achieve their business goals through connectivity, reach, and market relevance. PLDT Global is present in over 10 countries, with 1.7 million connections, serving more than 5,000 enterprise and corporate customers

PLDT Global’s goal is to:

Build a customer experience management program that drives process improvement and transforms PLDT Global into a customer-obsessed brand.

Create a unified program that will serve as a single source of truth to identify, track, and prioritize experience gaps by joining all parts of the customer feedback together across customer experience management pillars.

Receive and analyze real time feedback to empower agents and foster a sense of ownership for the problems they see.

Create a customer-centric culture across groups whose function impacts customer experience delivery – where CX is a part of everyone, not siloed within one team or group

“Our objective is to serve with Malasakit which is a Filipino value of service that exceeds expectation, driven by empathy and a sense of ownership of our customer’s concerns. Our culture of malasakit drove us to look for the best in breed services for collecting and understanding customer feedback. That’s where Qualtrics came in.

The technical capabilities of the platform thoroughly address all our use cases and more. We especially love the fact that the platform engages all stakeholders, empowering people from many different departments to practice malasakit in their own roles. That’s the main reason why we chose Qualtrics.”

-Nescel Paul N. Palileo
CX and Service Desk Head for PLDT Global

How PLDT Global leveled-up their Customer Experience?

  • Single view for all Voice of the Customer Data

    Qualtrics platform made it possible for PLDT Global to consolidate all VoC data from various sources, bringing them real-time results and insights. This brought operational efficiencies associated with time to process CX data and reporting.


  • Deep analysis of customers sentiments and different CX metric scores

    Using Qualtrics’ powerful IQ engine, PLDT Global is able to analyze and surface key drivers that impact the CX metrics and qualify experience gaps and improvement areas. The platform is also very flexible and allows PLDT to author new surveys to coincide with their growing portfolio and markets.


  • Design a system of actions for management to act upon

    Using customized dashboards for specific stakeholders, PLDT Global organization has become more agile in mapping initiatives that will provide their global customers with the products and services they deserve. It also allows PLDT Global to empower regional teams to address
    the local demands.

“VoC allows us to actively listen to customer feedback across different channels so we can address concerns proactively. This helps us reach out to the segment that would simply drop off rather than file a complaint or seek assistance from customer service.

Through the VOC platform we can address pain points that are not being escalated to customer service. As we move forward, we will be able to go beyond addressing customer challenges and towards improving service experience overall. We want to understand the drivers of brand love and provide our customers with the best possible experience.”

-Nescel Paul N. Palileo
CX and Service Desk Head for PLDT Global

Why Qualtrics and Blink CX?

Enterprise-grade experience management platform, which easily scales up to manage an extensive cross-regional XM program.

Massive leap in insights compared to previous legacy tools, enabling PLDT Global to design its long-term digital strategy as well as make critical experience improvements in the short-term

Advanced security features enable PLDT Global to set up governance processes and framework

Self-serve platform with rapid onboarding of users, making it easy to expand programs and react quickly to changing business needs

Extensive features and flexibility allowing rapid migration of legacy tools, optimising operational
cost for the CX program

Trusted partner with deep expertise and experience providing guidance on every step in the journey with proven track record

Provide multi-dimensional support covering XM Advisory, Technology Implementation and Managed Service required to deliver a complex XM program

One team approach with truly aligned and invested in achieving customer goals

Flexible as per changing demands to deliver against both strategic and local objectives

Deep technical expertise on Qualtrics platform allowing maximum return from the technology

“What we like about our engagement with Blink is their flexibility. Blink’s team understood our requirements and adjusted the program to better suit our business needs. They were also very collaborative and transparent about where we are, how well we were progressing and the next critical steps we had to take to achieve our goals. Overall, the project went smoothly, completed within the expected timeline and led to tangible results.”

-Nescel Paul N. Palileo
CX and Service Desk Head for PLDT Global

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