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Exciting News! Blink CX is Expanding to Singapore!

September 22, 2023

by Blink Digital

Dear Blink CX Partners,

I am Alex Benavidez, the CEO of Blink CX and it’s with immense joy and anticipation that I share a remarkable milestone in our journey of delivering world class experience transformation. Today, we stand on the corner of a new adventure as we bring our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer experiences to the vibrant city of Singapore!

From the outset, our focus has been clear: to create memorable and impactful experiences for our valued customers and their customers. Their trust and support have propelled us forward, igniting our passion to help elevate the standards of CX in this digital age.

Singapore’s energy and technological prowess have captured our hearts. This city is more than just a destination; it’s an ecosystem teeming with opportunities. Our vision isn’t just about expansion; it’s about integration. We’re determined to immerse ourselves and understand the needs and aspirations of our SG based customers with both local and international operations. We aim to be more than a service provider and solution integrator; we want to be their partner, working hand in hand to deliver on customer expectations in the modern age.

Insights, innovation, and YOU—these are the pillars upon which our Singapore journey rests. We’re investing in technologies like AI and automation to craft intellectual property technologies that mirror our customer’s preferences. Also, strengthen our valuable partnerships with top global CX technologies. The results? Seamless interactions that leave lasting impressions and actionable insights!

As we embark on this exhilarating expedition, we’re not just crossing geographical borders; we’re setting new benchmarks on what it means to create meaningful connections, shaping a world where every interaction is a memorable experience.

To each one of you who’s been a part of our journey, thank you. And to our future customers and partners, we are extremely excited to add value to your business and loyal relationships. We’re ready to illuminate the Singaporean digital landscape with the brilliance of exceptional customer experiences!

With gratitude and excitement,

Alex Benavidez

CEO, Blink CX

Philippines and Singapore

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