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CX in the Age of Hyperconnected Consumer

May 10, 2019

by Blink Digital

This is an exciting time for organizations to communicate and engage their customers using different digital platforms to deliver unique experiences and gain great results. With over 25 billion “things” connected to the internet, you can surely find a way to position your business and win the hearts of your target and existing customers more using technologies that are available in the market today.

In today’s age of dynamic digital disruption, consumers are becoming not just more connected, but hyperconnected. The explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) meant that the majority of customers use multiple devices that can range from desktop to laptops, mobiles and smart devices including wearables like Fitbit, the Apple Watch, cars, and even home appliances.

Marketers see this as a massive opportunity to communicate with different market segments depending on what device their customers are usually on. On the other hand, this brings challenges in communicating and connecting effectively across a fragmented customer experience.

2020 is the year where CX will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. The great challenge for businesses is how to connect the dots and harmonize the way their brand communicates, engages and delights customers across multiple channels, formats, and devices.

Your success heavily lies in creating meaningful and personalized experiences in an authentic manner. This extends across your marketing, sales, and customer service approach. The goal is to make your individual customers feel valued, appreciated, and rewarded for maybe liking a post from your page or sharing your content with their friends on social media. The smallest things matter.

We at Blink can think of countless ways for your organization to bridge the gap between your customers’ perception of what they want and what they “actually” want. Content plays a huge role in personalization, especially ones that resonate, engages, and delights your customers — from the moment they search about your brand, engage, purchase, until they become your brand advocate that talks highly about your business.

To start, you can leverage in technologies that can help you understand your customers at the most granular level and redefine the core of your organization around your customers’ demand. This is going to be a game changer for your brand if executed correctly.

Want to know how we can customize your customer experience? Blink is a customer experience company and we want to help you innovate your current customer journey by mapping it, streamline it using intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, beacons, and more. Most importantly, generate a personalized experience for each of your individual customers which will increase your mindshare and produce loyal and active customers and brand ambassadors who will share their great experiences about your business.

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