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Customer Experience is Not Customer Service

March 22, 2019

by Blink Digital

We get it and you are not alone. A lot of businesses are confused about the difference between customer service and customer experience. Our team have had numerous meetings with small and medium enterprises (even large ones) and heard them use the terms interchangeably. The difference is not that complicated, but very significant. In fact, customer service is just one part of the many pieces of the puzzle that make up an excellent customer experience.

Customer Service is Reactive:

This only comes into play when a dissatisfied customer contacts a business about an unpleasant service that they have personally experienced. The disadvantage of this for organizations is they can only take action once something goes wrong, and not beforehand.

Customer Experience is Proactive:

Imagine running a business that can take action and optimize the customer journey before the customer becomes dissatisfied. This program is a holistic approach that goes beyond customer service. It learns about your individual customers, the activities they are doing, recommend action steps to avoid any service interruptions, things they might do in the future, live feedback, and customize your approach and sentiments that your individual customers can easily relate with.

“According to McKinsey, companies focused on providing a superior experience across customer journeys realized a 10-15% increase in revenue and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction!”

At this point, you might be wondering which program you should prioritize to produce the best business outcomes for your organization. Well, the answer is simple, you should put the spotlight on both. You can start your journey by selecting the right customer experience company to help you out in this journey.

Want to know how we can customize your customer experience? Talk to us today! Blink is a customer experience company and we want to help you innovate your current customer journey by mapping it, streamline it using intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, beacons, and more. Most importantly, generate a personalized experience for each of your individual customers which will increase your mindshare and produce loyal and active customers and brand ambassadors who will share their great experiences about your business.

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