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Business Leaders: Who Should Drive Customer Experience?

May 15, 2019

by Blink Digital

How you handle your customers is a critical factor to predict the longevity and success of your business. Your engagement and interaction with them have a direct impact on their buying behavior, relationship with your brand, and how they talk about your business with their peers. Though, it isn’t always easy to choose the most effective way to reach out and would be even harder if an organization does not have an effective customer experience program to build that emotional connection with their individual customers and deeply examine what they respond and don’t respond to.

Understanding the true purpose of customer experience and why it matters now more than ever should be represented by business leaders. The most successful companies in the world like Apple understands that the best revenue driver is to be “customer-obsessed” in today’s business environment. These global forces are not valued in terms of money but also because of customer appreciation and loyalty.

Geniuses like Amazon, Costco, Netflix, Disney and many more successful companies in the world have one thing in common, they explicitly expressed that their tremendous success was because of a well-planned customer experience strategy. Statistics are everywhere, businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% typically see profit increases ranging from 25% to 95%.

Reasons why CX is important and why it remains a main priority is the fact that you get the best of both worlds. It is evident that by using technologies that analyzes and understands every touchpoint that the customer goes through from beginning till the end, minimizes your cost and increases your profit. One reason is you get to have crowed sourced ideas directly from your customers which means, less product/service failures.

88% of your customers can be influenced by what the majority says about your business online which means, good recommendations and reviews will motivate and inspire other consumers to go and try doing business with you. CX tools is also a great way to enable your intentions and establish a great reputation with your customers. It does not end there though, as a business leader, you also have to think about of ways to convert your customers to customers for life. This all boils down to perfect planning and creating an accurate CX strategy.

Maybe you are asking, “How can I deploy a successful customer experience program?”. We at Blink have some tips for you. When you are creating a product or a service you have to be able to identify the right customers for your business. Same goes with customer experience. You need to distinguish what your individual customers is about. Like who is this person? What are his/her motivations, hobbies, and interests? What are the problems that this customer usually encounter? And how can I delight this customer today? Having the answers to these questions can provide your business with a more hyper-personalized approach and win more hearts and minds like never before.

You may also want to revisit the formats and content you are currently using to communicate with your customers. If it’s not generating the results you want to attain, then maybe it is about time to change them. Your workforce should also be engaged in any CX journey transformation. Remember that people who experience your business every day are your employees. Make sure that you ask for feedback from them as well. Interested to know more about customer experience? Talk to us.

Blink is a customer experience company and we want to help you innovate your current customer journey by mapping it, streamline it using intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, beacons, and more. Most importantly, generate a personalized experience for each of your individual customers which will increase your mindshare and produce loyal and active customers and brand ambassadors who will share their great experiences about your business.

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