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An inside look at how CX will define 2021 business success in the Philippines

February 17, 2021

by Blink Digital

Blink CX talked to an industry expert in the region to give you an insight on how Customer Experiences (CX) can influence your business success and the current CX landscape in the Philippines (in the region and globally). Moreover, how you can start implementing good CX practice in your organization.

“The state of customer experience has changed forever in the Philippines, and in 2021 businesses will need to continually adapt their capabilities in response to ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic.” said, Karn Kongsawat, Qualtric’s Country Manager – Thailand and Philippines, when asked about the state of Customer Experience in the Philippines in terms of customer expectations vs what companies are providing.

“As new patterns, behaviours, and preferences emerge and change as situations evolve, experience management is a vital tool helping businesses understand and respond to the pace of change we’re experiencing with confidence and precision.”

“Businesses can no longer afford to outsource management of their CX programs. To operate with the speed and efficiency modern customers demand, businesses must bring the CX platforms and capabilities in-house.” Karn shared addressing how near or far are businesses in the Philippines in terms of CX practice versus what he sees in the region or globally.

“This is a crucial change, providing complete control of the listening platform so that changes can be quickly and easily made at scale in response to changing markets, while accelerating speed to insights for meaningful, targeted action.” Karn added. “Every great experience is driven by the four core pillars of business – customer, employee, product, and brand. The most successful organisations are embracing experience management to bring these insights together on a single platform, helping them understand the link between each to maximise the value they deliver to the business.” Karn added.

Our team then asked Karn on how companies in the Philippines can start building a good CX practice and this is what he said – “Establishing a strong and impactful CX program requires the right tools and the right culture. Organisations need to move beyond just measuring results by using experience management tools to rapidly understand the actions they can take to design and improve experiences for all customers. Customer centricity needs to be a core value for every business, and this can be achieved by strong leadership, and by providing your workforce with a great employee experience.” 2021 is absolutely an interesting year! Businesses are experimenting with new practices and technologies to provide their customers with delightful experiences at all cost and touchpoints. We’d love to tell you more how you can achieve CX excellence this year! Our CX experts are happy to listen and collaborate with you. Talk to us today!

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